Find Your Calling

As I struggle to put down ideas of blog topics, I find myself questioning why am I even racking my brain at 11:30 at night to do this?  What drives us to put aside sleep, hobbies, leisure, and even family to do what we love?  I like most small business owners often find myself entrenched in my business.  But why?

A bit of self actualization (gotta love my buddy Maslow for coming up with this theory) makes me realize we make sacrifices because we own it.  That’s right, we have a huge stake in our own business unlike any other.  Those of us that came from jobs we hated can certainly relate.  Our businesses, regardless of how long it has been in existence is our passion.  There is something innate inside every small business owner that gives us the courage to start our own company.

So on those nights when the rest of the world sleeps, we dream.  We continue the dream that started with the first thoughts of owning our own business.


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